Turino universiteto praktikanto Andrea Chiarenza paskaita VU RSTC [2015-05-21]

Vilniaus universitetas

Religijos studijų ir tyrimų centras

Prof. Rita Šerpytytė

Kursas Postmetafizinis mąstymas ir religijos problema


2015 gegužės 25 d. 15 val.

Filosofijos fakulteto 107 aud.

Turino universiteto Filosofijos ir edukologijos katedros magistrantas


skaitys paskaitą

Is Negri’s Spinoza really “savage”?


Antonio Negri’s The savage anomaly presents a seminal reading of Spinoza’s philosophy as the discovery of a radically alternative concept of power defined as “constitutive power”, opposed to “sovereign power”. For Negri, this constitutive power, present in Spinoza’s philosophy, manifests itself in human action, as the genetic principle that produces the various determinations of history by overcoming its own material limits posed by the sovereign power. For this reason, according to Negri, constitutive power is the true nature of being in Spinoza. Through a close analysis of this text, in particular Negri’s treatment of Spinoza’s Ethics in two distinct metaphysical foundations, I will show critically the crucial points of this particular interpretation. In order to overcome the ambiguities that Negri’s conception of constitutive power poses, I will propose an interpretation of Spinoza’s ontology in the perspective of the process of individuation that underlies it.


About Andrea Michael Chiarenza

Philosophy student, he is graduating at the University of Turin with a Master’s thesis on the process of individuation in Spinoza’s philosophy under the supervision of prof. Ugazio. His main research interests are: the philosophy of Spinoza, contemporary French philosophy (especially Foucault and Simondon) and Italian Theory. He is a collaborator of the online Italian philosophy journal “Philosophy Kitchen”. Currently he is doing an internship at Center of Religious Studies and Research at Vilnius University as part of an Erasmus Traineeship project.


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