The Feast*

XVIII session of the Seminar “Three Cultures – Three Religions”


Vilnius, June 20–25, 2016

The Feast is the religious event par excellence. It is the commemoration of origin, updating the force said in the beginning and is always manifested, and the anticipated celebration of eschatology.

The Feast is the event that reminds men, mortals, there is a different dimension of life of everyday tasks and superior to it, which is immortal life, which is regularly involved.

There is a sacred dimension in the events of human life that deserves and requires eternity, and that is expressed in the feast, where that dimension is reached.

The XVIII Seminar of the Three Cultures is devoted to analyzing the religious dimension of the feast, the features of it in different religions, and in general the feast that men have instituted in different cultures throughout history.

The Center for Religious Studies and Research of Vilnius University invites interested persons to participate in the event.


* The research workshop for participants of the seminar “Three Cultures – Three Religions”.



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